If you’re here, you’ve probably looked through a bunch of counsellors’ websites with pretty pictures and similar phrases, so what makes me different?

Tailored, individual support

As someone who’s worked in the public, charity, and private sectors, I am able to tailor the support I offer to each individual client. In our first session we will discuss your aims and hopes, and how we might meet these together.


I put you, the client, at the centre of every decision. For example, I don’t demand that sessions are held weekly, or that we work together for a certain amount of time. I will explain what I think will work best, but ultimately you are in charge.


Sometimes clients worry that their counsellor will be shocked or unable to deal with what they bring. Working in inner-city London schools for a decade, and in a hospice for three years, has left me pretty hard to shock. I can commit to being with and working with whatever you bring, without judgement and without fear.