People come to counselling for a range of reasons:

Some come because they feel unhappy with the direction their life is heading.

Some are struggling with anxiety, stress or depression, or because they feel they are reaching breaking point and are no longer able to cope.

Some are having difficulties in relationships, either at work or at home.

Some have big decisions to make, and want to ensure they're making them for the right reasons.

Some come to deal with the impact of addiction, phobias or other mental health issues.

Some have a physical health condition that is making their life difficult to live well.

Some come to talk about the present, some the future, and some the past.

You may recognise yourself in the descriptions above, or you may not.

Either way, counselling is a space where you can explore what's troubling you with someone who won't judge you or give you advice, but can help you to make sense of yourself and your world.  

In our first session, which I offer at a reduced rate, we will discuss what is troubling you, and what you hope to achieve and change in your life. We will also talk about whether I'm the right person to help you, and if I'm not, I can help you to find that right person.

For more information, call or email me.